Project Details

Category: Documentary Single (1×60’)

Director:  Simon Finch

Editor:  Justin Badger

Executive Producers:  Brendan Hughes, Harry Bell

Commissioner:  Channel 4


Could one man’s deadly act really be for the common good? In the early 1960s John Harris blazed a trail as a prominent and peaceful anti-apartheid activist. He even helped to get South Africa barred from the Olympics. But in July 1964 everything changed. He placed a bomb in Johannesburg station, hoping to deal Apartheid a crushing blow. Instead, he killed a 77yr old woman, severely burnt her young granddaughter, and was hanged eight months later, the only white man executed for crimes against Apartheid.

Channel 4 single documentary; A Borough Productions & Tern TV production.

In The Press

Simon Finch’s film explores the life of John Harris…a cold, sobering account of an apartheid atrocity….an utterly absorbing journey…resisted melodrama as it laid out the facts of the case…..



Evening Standard

fascinating documentary…

Daily Mail

moving…there are times when it wouldn’t be human not to be touched

The Guardian

fascinating documentary…momentous encounter…offers an amazing insight

Daily Star

fascinating story

Irish Independent

An emotional encounter

The Independent

An absorbing film

The Tablet

This artful doc manages to pack a lot of nuance into 50 minutes, humanizing Harris through family photos and very cleverly woven Super 8 footage….

Vancouver SA Film Festival

A wonderful film

Clive James


Royal TV Society (Northern Ireland)
Best Documentary – Winner


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