Project Details

Category: Single drama (1×90’)

Director: Nigel Walk

Producer: Simon Finch

Writers: Simon Finch & Nigel Walk


A drama based on the astounding true story of two forgotten heroines – Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm – who defied everything and everyone to set up a field hospital right on the front line of World War One’s battlefields. In March 1915, the Allied Armies passed a stern decree in Paris, forbidding all women from entering the Western Front. Except, that is, for two. Such was their fame that they were singled out explicitly, allowed to stay. Against all odds they saved hundreds of soldiers’ lives and saw out the entire conflict. Yet a bitter personal betrayal meant that after Armistice Day, in 1918, they parted company, never to see each other again. This was the first ever drama treatment to win a Wellcome Trust development award.

A Borough Productions and Nigel Walk development in association with the Wellcome Trust


Wellcome Trust
Development Award: Broadcast, Games & Film.